“Broad City” just released the first scene from the new season

Season three of Broad City is rapidly approaching! It’s been almost a full year without our favorite kweens, Abbi and Ilana, but, at long last, tomorrow they return. For those of you that just can’t wait, the ladies we love released an exclusive clip of the first scene from the season premiere, and it fills every Broad City void we had in our hearts.

From the looks of things, not much has changed in Abbi and Ilana’s crazy lives. This clip, which is a side-by-side montage of the duo’s bathroom antics, includes twerking, snacking, make-outs, and even the blue, or gold, or maybe actually blue dress that we all freaked out about last year. There are also appearances from Bevers and Lincoln, as well as some people who don’t recognize who we’re super excited to meet.

You’ll have to watch it at least 100 times to pick up on all the little jokes and tidbits secreted away in the montage…but maybe not at your desk, because like any good Broad City clip, it’s extremely NSFW. It’s also extremely amazing.

Watch below!

Broad City
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