Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana are working on a top-secret movie project

Happy Friday, you guys: We have some news to make your weekend! The genius women behind Broad City are making a movie.

YES! It’s not just a dream: Abbi and Ilana have sold a project to Twentieth Century Fox. It’s a comedy, and Paul Feig (the dude behind Freak and GeeksBridesmaids, the forthcoming all-lady Ghostbusters rebootand other awesome female driven comedies) is going to be producing.

We really don’t know much else about the project, details of which are “being held under lock and key” according to The Hollywood Reporter. But we do know that as of now, the ladies themselves aren’t set to star in the film. It’s kind of a bummer because I want Abbi and Ilana to star in everything forever, but it’s still awesome that they are working on this project!

For now, we have the third season of Broad City, which they are currently writing, to look forward to. And we’ll be keeping our ears open for any rumors or whispers about the upcoming film!

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