8 important ‘Broad City’ memories we had after learning the season 3 air date

At long last, the wait is over. JK, I mean, we still have to wait a whole two more months before Broad City returns to television, but at least there’s now a date in site. Set your Broad City countdown clock to February 17, 2016. So close, yet so far away.

Seeing as how we’ve still got to pass until Abbi and Ilana once again return to their roles of our Yas Queens, now’s a good a time as any to remember why we love them so much. They’re there for us when we need them, like when we actually want to leave the apartment and put pants on to go outside; and they’re there for us when we don’t want to do any of that.

Memory #1: a few days ago when we got a new Broad City Trailer

OK, it’s actually a trailer for the new Tomb Raider game, but it might as well be a trailer for Broad City. The ladies get locked out of an apartment during a party, and then try to scale the fire escape, Laura Croft style, in hilariously and horrible fashion.

Memory #2: when Abbi carried Ilana out of a restaurant

This sets the Best Friend Goal VERY high for the rest of us. Ilana has an allergic reaction on Abbi’s birthday, and rather than have that ruin the mood, Abbi scoops her BFF up and carries her out of the restaurant to safety. How many times has your best friend done that?

Memory #3: when they were faced with the mean NYC streets

This happens a lot. But one time stands out. Abbi has the exterminator at her apartment, and then Ilana accidentally gets them locked out of her apartment, so they have no where to go. Then they accidentally get maced, and realize that they’re “a regular Matt and Ben.”

Memory #4: the wisdom teeth

Getting your wisdom teeth out can be a pain. It can also be hilarious, like when Ilana is in charge of taking care of you after surgery, and also you think you’ve got an imaginary  best friend (blame the pain killers for that one).

Memory #5: naked dancing

Who DOESN’T love realizing that they’ve got the apartment to themselves for the first time in forever? And then who doesn’t want to dance around naked to Lady GaGa? Answer: all of us.

Memory #6: rolling away from problems

Literally. Because sometimes it’s easier to simply roll away then deal with hard life problems, and in the process make the most graceful exit ever (this is not a graceful exit).

Memory #7: where it all began

Throw back to the Broad City web series, which really kicked off our love for these two. Even Amy Poehler noticed, and shows up for a quick jog during Abbi and Ilana’s run through NYC (and then she’d go on to help producer the Comedy Central show, making us love her even more).

Memory #8: Bed Bath & Beyond

Did you know the coupons never expire?! Tell me you don’t go into Bed Bath & Beyond JUST for some Abbi and Ilana — and some super secret handshakes.

(Images via Comedy Central, Giphy, YouTube)