And now we know Abbi and Ilana’s ’90’s friendship inspiration for ‘Broad City’

In the Television Best Friend Hall of Fame, in-between Leslie and Ann, and Jess and CeCe, and Laverne and Shirley, are now Abbi and Ilana. The ladies from Broad City are giving us the best and most realistic female friendship on TV right now, and it doesn’t hurt that they make us laugh hysterically, too. But when asked who they look to for bestie inspiration, their answer might surprise you: Roseanne‘s Roseanne and Aunt Jackie. Yup.

“I loved those two. I just really believed how close they were,” Abbi Jacobson told Marie Claire in an interview (where they’ve been named two of the 50 funniest women, because duh). Ilana Glazer echoed in the interview, “Even though they didn’t look-alike, they felt like sisters. They even looked like real people. And, uh, not everyone on TV does!”

Jacobson and Glazer love them because how real their relationship was, with Glazer explaining, “They just always felt so vulnerable and present, whether sh*t was dark or funny or both.” Kinda just like how deep and real Broad City can get, too, and we can totally see the resemblance now. If you need a quick Roseanne and Jackie refresher, here’s a quick one.

But bigger question, would the foursome ever hang out together? According to Jacobson, yes, but, “I wouldn’t really want to go out with them. I’d just wanna like stay at home and get real with them, maybe have pizza at the table. Or maybe be in Dan’s [Rosanne’s husband] poker game with everybody!”

Glazer says that idea is a “good call.” Can we tag along?

Abbi and Ilana fill our hearts with female friendship wisdom. #YasKween

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