The girls of ‘Broad City’ responded to their Golden Globes snub in the most Abbi and Ilana way

We love award season, but what we don’t love is how not all of our favorite people and shows can make the cut. There’s just too many! But it doesn’t mean their work isn’t worthy of recognition. Yesterday, all the nominees for the Golden Globes were announced, but there was one very notable absence. What about our girls from Broad City? Why isn’t this hilarious show getting aaaall the awards this year? The answer is unclear. Luckily, when Broad City creators and stars, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, got wind of the snub, they responded exactly how you would expect them to: with humor, grace, and butts.

The duo took to Instagram to address what had happened, and it looks like this loss hasn’t affected their spunk:

That’s right. Why stress about the Golden Globes when you have perfectly fine globes of your own?

We’re glad these two awesome ladies aren’t too bothered by snub. They have bigger fish to fry with the new season of Broad City, premiering February 17th, 2016. We can’t wait!

(Image via Comedy Central)

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