Abbi and Ilana are ‘Broad City’ baes in their first ever fashion cover

While the irrepressible gals of Broad City are known first and foremost for their ridiculous comedic sense and hilarious commentary about living and loving in New York City, they’re also iconic for another reason: Their ability to pull off ANY outfit.  It’s clear that the ladies can wear clothes well — an ability they showcase on their first major fashion magazine cover.

Given the sex- and romance-related hijinks the duo get into over the course of the show’s two seasons, it’s only natural that Glazer and Jacobsen are the cover stars of Flare Magazine’s Love + Sex issue. While they’ve been spotlighted in other fantastic fashion get-ups before (namely, this Vanity Fair piece), they’ve somehow never gotten the full fashion cover treatment, fancy clothes, fancy make-up, and fantastic interview and all.

Oh, did we not mention the interview? In it, the ladies drop advice and anecdotes about everything. A few of our favorites:

  • Glazer, on finances: “I’m a firm believer in spending money on your ambition. Because you’re going to be like, I need to make this back in some way.”
  • Jacobson, on the show’s portrayal of relationships and hook-ups: “The way we’ve portrayed sex on the show was a conscious thing, in that it was just how we were living our lives.”
  • Glazer, on playing nice: “Being a boss is so hard; sometimes it’s like, I don’t want to f-cking smile right now. But it’s great to have a partner you can trust. Sometimes I see, oh, Abbi’s being the good cop. And it’s like, Gotcha, bitch.”

Um, as if we needed more reasons to count down the days until season three premieres. (FYI, that’ll be February 17.) Until then, anyone down for a binge-watch of the first two?

Check out the full interview on Flare.

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Image via Broad City/Tumblr, Comedy Central.