A ‘Broad City’ deleted scene to start your day off right

Is there a duo more dynamic than Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer? We think not. After endless agonizing months without our favorite TV show, Broad City will make its triumphant return for Season 3 on February 17. We’re (impatiently) counting down the days until our lady loves return with laughs, trippy dream sequences and plenty of “yas queen” proclamations.

If you’re a Broad City superfan and can’t wait until next month, this is the perfect time to re-live Season 2 — the DVD comes out today! And if you’ve never seen the show but all your friends have been telling you to watch, now is the perfect time to catch up.

The Season 2 DVD includes fun things like some deleted scenes. Comedy Central shared one of the scenes with us, and even though it’s only 30 seconds long, it’s pure hilarity. Titled “Ageless Abbi,” it features our heroines doing what they do best: simultaneously scheming and loving on each other. Abbi is trying to pose a student, but is worried she’ll be found out.

“I don’t know if I can pass for a student,” she says nervously to Ilana. “Maybe like, a poetry grad student, but like, I don’t think an undergrad.”

Without missing a beat, Ilana gives her a little slap on the butt while praising her BFF: “The pores are the key, dude.”

Get your Broad City fix below!