Could a “Broad City” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” crossover be in the works??

We all love when the very clever, very funny Broad City gets musical. For example, we can’t help but smile whenever Abbi’s jazz-singing alter-ego Val graces our screens. She’s a delight — with a downright gorgeous voice.

So we were pumped to read today that at Broad City‘s Tribeca Film Festival panel creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer aren’t against doing a musical episode… if they can call on a special friend (and Glazer’s former college roommate) for help!

Rachel Bloom, as you probably already know, is the star and creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, one of smartest, funniest shows on television. The show features multiple musical numbers each week, and they are all as witty as they are hysterical.

Who among us has watched this and not sung the “Sexy Getting Ready Song”?

Jacobson, meanwhile, is a little more hesitant: “I feel like it would have to be a fantasy sequence. It doesn’t feel totally right, but it’s not totally off the table.” She then added that the episode where Whoopi Goldberg reprised her famous Sister Act role “felt like our musical episode.” Although it might not be in the cards yet, Jacobson did admit that “Ilana has an amazing voice.” We wholeheartedly agree!

Broad City writer and the star behind Trey, Paul W. Downs, believes karaoke might work for the show. “I guarantee you that the Soulstice trainers do karaoke,” he said. “It’s such a trainer thing, and a very organic way to get singing into the show.”

Broad City karaoke? Sign us up!

We are super hopeful that Rachel Bloom will take the cue and suggest they make the Broad City/Crazy Ex-Girlfriend crossover a reality! The idea of Rebecca Bunch meeting Abbi and Ilana is just too good to pass up.