‘Broad City’ released a Columbus Day video, because they know what we need

Happy Columbus Day! Uh, maybe. IDK you guys, this is kinda a weird day to celebrate because sure, Christopher Columbus found the New World, but like, it was already here to begin with. So all he kinda did was call “DIBS.” If you’re not really sure how to feel about today, you’re not alone, because Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer totally get that. They’re here to riff on Columbus Day in their latest “Hack Into Broad City” video.

Broad City doesn’t return until next year (sadness), but Jacobson and Glazer know we can’t go that long without their alter egos, Abbi and Ilana, in our lives. Now, the two are here to poke fun at whatever you want to celebrate today, which is also now known as, the “national day of not doing @#$%.”

How so? Ilana is ready to go to work, even though most of the nation doesn’t have to, because she doesn’t want to give Columbus’ ghost “the satisfaction of giving me a day off.” Here here! But we’ll totally take that day off, thank you. And as Abbi points out, let’s take today to celebrate the real American hero named Christopher Columbus, the guy who directed Home Alone (and also the first two Harry Potter movies along with Mrs. Doubtfire and a bunch more). We’ll drink to him, too.

If you’re at work, check out the kinda NSFW video below. If you’re not at work, turn the volume way up so you can loudly laugh along.

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Image via Comedy Central