Stop everything: There’s a ‘Broad City’ app, and it will change your life

Hi, me again, here to talk more Broad City. I have amazing news: Not only was last night’s season two premiere awesome, BUT now you can take Abbi and Ilana everywhere with you because there’s a new Broad City app! It’s called Broad City Keyboard, it’s free, and is about to revolutionize the way we all text. Why? For starters, there’s a taco Emoji.

The emoji situation on the Broad City app is legit. There’s also a YAS emoji and a pug emoji, both of which we really, really need and will use all of the time. There are also stickers. I’m talking BIG stickers (bag of bagels, anyone?). Best of all, there are gifs. I repeat: BROAD CITY GIFS ARE WAITING FOR YOU IN THE APP STORE. This is huge!

Also, this is what the app would look like if it were a stagnant screenshot (aka this is a screenshot of what the app looks like):

As if all of this really good news wasn’t enough, here’s the best part: On Thursdays, the app will be updated with new and relevant Emojis, stickers, and gifs FROM WEDNESDAY NIGHT’S EPISODE. Everybody wins.

Now get out there and reply to all your texts with situationally-appropriate Broad City gifs! You’re welcome.

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