This “Broad City” clip just revealed how Abbi and Ilana met, and it couldn’t be more perfect

Mark your calendars for September 13, 2017! Circle it in red. Use stickers! That’s the day Broad City returns for season 4. We have been waiting for this day for what feels like FOREVER! Our favorite East Coast BFFs are back in a mini trailer for the upcoming season and it looks like we’re in for a wild ride. YAS, QUEEN. Ponytail snippers, presidential predictions and federal offenses abound in this not quite two minute clip.

Watch as Abbi and Ilana take us back to where the Broad City broads all began.

The year is 2011. The New York City Snipper is terrorizing the city, “snipping women’s ponytails.” Meanwhile, Abbi is just trying to make the train but her MetroCard is out of funds. Enter Ilana, rocking flat ironed hair and an enviable cat eye. When Ilana uses her ticket to let Abbi make the train — only to discover that her own MetroCard is now out of funds — Ilana decides to jump the turnstile. The two make a run for it, narrowly avoiding a puking man and a yelling homeless guy.

Once on the train, the two part as awkward strangers. Ilana even calls Abbi “ma’am.” Harsh.

But then the impossible happens.

The space time continuum rewinds itself. If you watch/listen carefully, the homeless man is actually yelling “Donald Tr*mp will be president” (censored a la Broad City) which is kind of a wild easter egg to insert.

But there they are again, this time getting puked on. They miss their train. They introduce themselves to each other. Abbi’s ponytail remains un-snipped despite the rampant crime (thank god)! They become friends.

Watch the whole scene.

What does this mean for the new season? Will they be playing with the idea of alternate realities where Abbi and Ilana are not friends? An alternate reality where Donald Tr*mp is NOT president? Or could this be one of their many funny and thought provoking vignettes?

Any way you look at it, we’re hyped for the new season. We really missed Abs, Ilana, Jaime, Trey…and even Bevers.

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