‘Broad City’ + ’21 Jump Street’ = The union we didn’t know we needed

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill may have breathed new life into the classic TV show 21 Jump Street when they rebooted the story as a movie of the same name and a follow-up last year, but if you thought bro-centric takes on the buddy-cop action film are all Sony have up their sleeves, think again. The Wrap reports that two more Jump Street movies are in the making, and they are going in two unexpected but totally awesome directions!

One of those spinoffs will be a Men in Black crossover, plans of which were made public after the Sony hack leaks. But the second spin-off is one we cannot wait for. Jump Street will be getting a woman-centric spin on the films’ cop premise, and it’s going to be penned by two writers from the Comedy Central show Broad City.  SO. MUCH. YES. Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs (who plays Trey on the show in addition to writing) have signed on for the project, and we cannot think of two people more perfect for bringing this amazing idea to life.

There’s a good reason why 21 Jump Street producer Neal Moritz would want to keep reviving the story — according to The Wrap, The Jump Street franchise has been super lucrative for Sony. It’s “grossed just over $200 million worldwide, but the sequel took the franchise to the next level, grossing $331 million worldwide.”

Although both films are still in the early stages, we are seriously pumped to see some of Broad City‘s signature style combined with the action of Jump Street. Although it’s not certain, The Wrap predicts we’ll be seeing more of Dakota Johnson (who played one of the officers in 21 Jump Street), and Comedy Central‘s Amy Schumer and Jessica Williams. But most importantly: Who do we talk to about getting Abbi and Ilana cast as the stars? Because I need to see them as best-friend-cops ASAP.

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