Two “Pitch Perfect” stars are in a new show called “Temporary” and, judging by the costumes, it’s going to be awesome

If you’ve been wondering what Pitch Perfect stars Brittany Snow and Chrissie Fit have been up to, wonder no more. Our faves have been busy working on a new show called Temporary. It appears to be top secret, too.

The costumes are absolutely amazing.

We are living for the all over color in these Insta photos. Brittany Snow looks like a dream in her purple jumpsuit and lavender-lensed sunnies. And Chrissie Fit is a vision in shades of pink (obsessed with the fuzzy coat). Meanwhile, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. starElizabeth Henstridge’s high fashion khaki dress is blowing our minds. And how adorable is actress Cyrina Fiallo in blue and green?

Other looks include lampshades as hats, ’80s style workout gear, and office appropriate pops of color.

We’re into these behind-the-scenes glimpses at filming!

And Elizabeth Banks is involved, too.

Fiallo captioned a photo:

"#Temporary Coming soon to @whohaha and @cosmopolitan 💕 Eternally grateful to @elizabethbanks for making this happen!"

We know that Whohaha(which is absolutely the best name on the planet) was co-founded by Elizabeth Banks. Whohaha is a digital platform “whose goal is to shine a spotlight on funny women.” We can’t wait for this series to get an IMDB page so we can find out more.