Britney Spears “twirls for the haters” by the pool, makes us scream YAS!

Britney Spears is the patron saint of YAS’ing for your life. Have you been to Britney’s Vegas concert? Because I have and it’s non-stop “Slay Queen” and “YAS!” from the moment it starts to the second you leave.

So, here we are standing in front of a video of Britney Spears “twirling for the haters” and all we can think is “YAS BRIT BRIT YASSSSS!”

Why is she twirling for the haters? Who are the haters? What are they hating on?

Do the haters not like that her head is melting in this photo?

Are they hating on her dinner with her friends?

She could possibly be referring to the haters who didn’t like that she supports gun control.


Either way, it’s Britney’s opinion and as the great Taylor Swift once said, “Haters gonna hate.”

Never let a hater keep you down BRITNEY! Twirl, girl, twirl!

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