Britney Spears Shared a Rare Throwback Video of Herself Singing as a Teenager

Her Instagram caption, though, is really tugging at our heartstrings.

We never doubted that Britney Spears was a good singer. We knew this. But this fact surprised Spears herself when she received a video of herself singing when she was younger from her mother, Lynn Spears.

Spears took to Instagram over the weekend to share the clip of her stripped-down vocals that took us all down memory lane to when she used to sing and perform.

The “Lucky” singer captioned the video with: “Geez … My mom sent this to me and reminded me that I can sing,” adding some fun emojis. Spears continued, “She said ‘You never sing anymore … you need to again !!!!’ I’ve actually never watched this performance … it’s definitely from a while ago !!!! It’s from one of the first trips I took alone … mostly I just remember saying ‘WOW Singapore'”

Spears’ mother’s comment about her daughter never singing anymore played with our hearts, as Spears hasn’t performed in over two years after postponing from her Las Vegas residency due to her father Jamie Spears’ health issues.

During a court hearing in November of last year regarding the suspension of her conservatorship from her father, which resulted in the suspension being denied, Spears’ lawyer Samuel D. Ingham III shared what this decision meant for Spears’ future on the stage. “My client has informed me that she is afraid of her father. She will not perform again if her father is in charge of her career,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Spears has taken us down memory lane to remind us just how talented since is. Since the release of the #FreeBritney documentary in February, Spears took to Instagram to share a performance from three years ago. While she hasn’t addressed the documentary directly, she included in her Instagram caption that while she will always “love being on stage” she’s “taking time to learn and be a normal person.”

Since the release of the documentary, Spears’ father’s request to be the sole conservator was denied, which is a small victory for the singer. This comes after a November hearing resulted in a 50-50 split control of his daughter’s assets along with third-party Bessemer Trust.

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