Britney Spears is super embracing her body on Instagram and we love it

It’s officially spring, which means days of crop tops and shorts and sunscreen are basically here (or, well, almost here), and we can at least start planning our day trips to the beach.

Pop champion and queen of our hearts, Britney Spears, must be feeling those spring vibes too, because she’s been posting the most inspiring warm weather pics on Instagram —all of which show off her beautiful bod. Like this one from yesterday.

Earlier in the week, she had a pic taken of her and her family and her cute lil’ dog on a golf date. 

Brit does more than outdoorsy, springtime pics, she also takes selfies at the gym, because #FitnessGoals.

And also when she’s doing some intense yoga. 

We are majorly loving Britney’s body-positive Instas! The pop singer seems happy and healthy and she looks STELLAR.