Britney Spears standing on her BF’s shoulders in a pool is the most impressive thing we’ve seen all week

Well, we’re definitely impressed. Britney Spears posted a pool stunt on Instagram that showed how incredible her balance is. Of course, she had a little bit of help — her boyfriend Sam Asghari.

The video shows Spears perfectly balancing on Asghari’s shoulders. Besides a few prompts (like “Ready?” and “Go”) Spears pulls off the stunt without any additional direction. Who knows how long these two have been practicing this for?

Of course, we should expect this type of flexibility from Spears. The pop star has been involved with dance before she even hit double digits. Limberness, balance, and poise? All part of it.

Spears looks absolutely incredible. And we love the slow motion jump at the very end!

While Spears steals the show, take a look as Asghari as well. The two, who reportedly met in October 2016 on the set of the very cool “Slumber Party” music video, has an incredibly wide smile after completing the trick.

Asghari, who works as a model and personal trainer, might very well be the perfect guy for Spears. While they have a bit of an age difference between them (Spears is 35 and Asghari is 22) sometimes love beats the odds.

The best part about this video? Our girl Brit looks incredibly happy. She’s really embracing the nice weather and knows what’ll make people talk on Instagram. More fun videos like this in the future, please.