Britney Spears’ son’s new hair color is reminding us of his mom’s past look

As September quickly approaches, we’re looking back and trying to remember all we’ve accomplished this past month. One person who’s likely not having any trouble recalling her August achievements: Britney Spears. On the 26th, her new album Glory was unleashed upon the world and then, a mere two days later, she graced viewers with her dancing presence at the VMAs. Basically, it’s safe to say that Britney’s back, bitch.

Yet, Britney isn’t the only one who’s gearing up to end this month with a BANG. There’s also her super stylish son, who just dyed his hair blue!

My son has blue hair!! Wheeee!” wrote Britney, who was clearly excited to caption the above photo of her boy.

First of all, Britney’s son is rocking that color. And second of all, doesn’t it look vaguely familiar?

Oh yeah, remember the time Britney sported an ombre blue/purple look?


Like mother, like son, eh?

What’s perhaps the best part of this story is that Britney is SO EXCITED for her son. (I mean, she did say “Wheeee!”) The songstress clearly loves seeing her kid express himself and that makes this even better.

Now if only we could get Britney to adopt us.

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