Britney Spears Shuts Herself Off from the World After Allegedly Posting a Scathing Attack on Instagram

The cops paid Britney Spears a visit to assess her wellbeing after concerned fans called local law enforcement.

Britney Spears has deactivated her Instagram account, the first time so far this year. The pop singing legend is known for taking a break from social media every so often, but fans are showing concern over the last post before the takedown, which is full of symbolic language and vague references to people in her life.

The deactivation and the content of the final post was so disturbing to fans that many called the Ventura Co. Sheriff’s Office, according to TMZ. Sources told the news and entertainment outlet that deputies performed a wellness check by visiting her home, but they “determined there was no reason to believe she was in danger” and that “It’s unclear if they spoke to Britney directly, or if someone else assured them she was OK.”

While many experts have shared how to spot and support someone possibly undergoing a mental health relapse (like a manic episode), if you know someone exhibiting concerning behavior, but haven’t heard from or seen in a reasonable amount of time, you might ask local law enforcement to perform a wellness check on them.

According to the Los Angelas County Sheriff’s Department, a wellness check, also known as a welfare or safe and well check, is a support program where “deputies on patrol will drive to your loved ones home and attempt to make contact.”

While the post and her account are currently gone, screenshots can be found across the internet. Celebrity gossip broadcaster and sometimes pot-stirrer Perez Hilton posted his interpretation of it, but so far, few media outlets have been able to verify the post with their own screenshots.

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Here’s the text of what the alleged post may have contained. We’ll keep an eye out to see if it resurfaces, but for now, we know for sure that Spears is seriously angry about something, someone, and whatever else in between.

“Hi 👋🏻 !!! Where are we going ???” she began in the alleged post caption, which contained an image of a silver Porsche coupe. “I just like the car 🚗 period !!! This safe calm down civilized individual thing I dig !!!”

Spears has mentioned in previous posts that she feels her car is her safe place (her spaceship, she’s called it in the past) and that it’s where her “best interests, thoughts, creative urges, [and] ideas” come together, which feels alright.

But then, the post gets more bitter and cryptic.

“This shameless fishing for compliments thing is a safe bet,” she continues. “I mean am I supposed to trust the person beside me to shoot me 📸 !!! Finding my first ring light is not only cold it be ice y’all 😤😤😤‼️‼️‼️”

Some #FreeBritney fan forums wonder if this is somehow a riddle related to her third husband, Sam Asghari, who has recently been posting on Instagram about the benefits of ice baths.

Clearly, someone has to be filming this hunky hubby getting into a barrel full of ice. Could the first half of the message be related to Spears’s assistant, who is often the one filming her modeling videos?

Spears has been linked to previous assistants like Victoria Asher aka Vicky T, but she was fired as of August. That means someone, or multiple folks, have been helping the singer on her day to day plans, being behind the camera for the videos she makes while dancing in her foyer.

It’s not confirmed if the person in the background of a previously posted Instagram Story from Asghari’s account is an assistant, but she definitely was helping capture content at the time.

And Spears definitely had someone else filming her during her Maui tattoo video, which took place in a hotel room that has two beds (why would she be splitting sleeping arrangements with her new hubby of less than a year?), along with an open laptop on the desk. In this footage put together by MSN, it looks like a room for someone was in the middle of their workday, not enjoying their vacation.

Perhaps whoever is helping the “Toxic” singer film and post on social media is also pitching in for Asghari’s posts — and his wife is not pleased by their interactions.

“Rational people … I had one of these and it disappeared !!!” Spears continues in her passive-aggressive take. “I could sit back and be like MOST and not give anyone anything to think about on Instagram … but interest is what serves most and… being good can and will wrap things up in a seashell 🐚 !!!”

“Keep coughing playas and just rememeber to watch your back 😌😌😌 !!! Or you might just get caught !!!” she adds, indicating that she knows something, and could use her platform to voice it, but is holding back.

The Grammy award-winner referenced an incident she experienced while trying to grab a burger and a milkshake from Jack In the Box, where the drive-thru employee told her that “It’s gonna be ok !!!” But then goes on to basically call out her haters to “Clap back 21 times” and move on, or the sh*t is gonna get real.

Finally, she circles back to referencing someone she loves, and the possible act of betrayal that prompted the post.

“Giving someone I love my everything only gives me the dagger in the heart !!! So at this point … I generously serve you my **** … eat my **** 💩💩💩 !!! Psss !!! Keep coughing !!!”

Damn. What a post.

Of course, the fan theories are swirling now. Did Asghari have an affair? Is someone spreading lies about Spears? We’ll keep the more wild speculations and accusations live where fans want them to be seen, until the “Overprotected” singer comes back to Instagram and hopefully gives us a few more clues.

If you are experiencing mental illness and are in need of crisis support, please call the Crisis Call Center’s 24-hour hotline at 1-775-784-8090.

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