Britney Spears is Reportedly Looking to Sell Her Newly Bought Mansion, Which She May Never Have Moved Into

The singer paid just under $12 million for the home previously owned by Justin and Hailey Bieber.

The phrase, “There’s no place like home” takes on new meaning for Britney Spears, who, according to insider sources, is planning to sell her latest acquisition: a mansion purchased back in June, where she had planned to start a new life alongside her third husband, Sam Asghari.

The Grammy award-winning pop star had hoped to make a fresh start in the Calabasas property after her wedding in June, but after a few short months, it appeared she was back in her original Thousand Oaks mansion (if she ever really left at all).

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“One day I will invite you guys to the new house 🙊🙊🙄😙😙 !!!” She posted on her Instagram account back in July, along with a video of her dancing in the famous foyer.

That day, sadly, may never come, as TMZ reports that the 11,650 sq. foot home, with an additional 1.6 acres, may soon be up for sale. Spears hasn’t “fallen in love” with the new mansion, and if the old mansion ain’t broke, why fix it?

Fans know the light beige tile flooring better than anyone else, and were quick to point out how familiar it looked in posts as early as November. There’s even a TikTok filter where everyone other than Britney can recreate their favorite spinny dance videos.

“Britney if you’re free why are you bored and alone and at your old house,” commented IG user jtlashagourahills on a post from November 4. “There haven’t been any pics of you out and about in Calabasas.”

Asghari also used his own social media to address questions about where the couple is living, and why it definitely didn’t look like a new home to them.

“It was hard for us to adjust,” he posted on an Instagram Story in early December 2022. “It took us that change to realize and appreciate what we already had.”

There’s no doubt that Spears has been adjusting back to life since being freed from her 13-year conservatorship, which ended in November 2021. Getting married, moving, and mixing back into normal life situations can be extremely stressful, even for a celebrity.

What’s more, TMZ reported that the new Calabasas home was “located in the same neighborhood as Brit’s ex, Kevin Federline.”

While the location may have been based on Spears’ attempts to reconcile with her two teenage sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, being so close to Federline (who has revealed he is writing a book about fatherhood, with help from Spears’s father, Jamie), the new changes may have just been too much.

Thankfully, her old home isn’t very far (just about a 20 minute drive, according to Google Maps). And while we may never know what Spears and Asghari had planned to do with their $11.8 million purchase, anyone interested in knowing what the inside looks like can check out old photos from Justin and Hailey Bieber, the home’s previous owners.

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