Britney Spears Explains How Quickly Her Security Responds After She Posts Something ‘Cray Cray’

Anyone following her Instagram account can tell Britney Spears is definitely annoyed.

Britney Spears aka “River Red” gave followers a glimpse into what happens when she posts something concerning. Using a dance studio to showcase some classic Britney moves, she shared a bit about how some of the closest people in her life react to her content (and why it annoys her).

“Feeling kooky and silly but can’t act too kooky or silly like kids because they say ‘she’s CRAY CRAY,’” the Grammy award-winner explained in an Instagram post on Jan. 22, 2023. It didn’t keep her from channeling her frustrations through dance (and a few butt slaps to the sultry voice of Chris Isaak’s “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing”).

“Sharing because I matter,” she continued, voicing her frustrations. “and if every person I call TAKES 9 RINGS TO ANSWER you can be certain I might get someone’s attention … I bet after I post this my security answers after 2 RINGS.”

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An early post from this weekend showed a vintage pin-up girl in a sparkly red outfit (similar to some of the red two-pieces the singer has been showing off lately) with a graphic overlay that reads, “I love being me me…It pisses off all the right people.”

The “Toxic” singer is no doubt sharing her mood lately, and we are so here for it.

Spears has especially been under intense scrutiny by the media lately because of an instance where an anonymous source filmed her while she was dining out at JOEY’S Woodland Hills this past month. Many speculated that she experienced a “manic meltdown” while in public, when really all that occurred was an incredibly famous person got annoyed that a stranger was disturbing her meal.

“The news is all hyped about me being a little drunk at a restaurant,” she explained, in her defense. “It’s like they’ll be watching my every move!”

The star then goes on to seemingly liken herself to a prophet, then encourages fans to “check out the shocking Shrek picture” of her from a separate Instagram post.

New husband Sam Asghari has also been quick to support his wife through the ongoing criticisms of her mental health, urging fans on social media with a simple message: “Don’t believe everything you read.”

The pair even appeared in a rare Instagram Story together, joking about how “The best thing about the scandalous video … was the pasta,” while making fun of the incident using cat face filters.

Elsewhere in Spears’ life, reports have surfaced that the pop star is indeed selling her Calabasas mansion. TMZ claims it has “sources familiar with the sale” who said showings of the off-market mansion began this past week.

We’re sorry to say there won’t be any open-house events for the $12 million investment, but it looks as though Spears is hoping for a flash sale; she and Asghari paid $11.8 million for the home formerly owned by Justin and Hailey Bieber, but the pair lived in it for less than a few months before moving back to the singer’s old home in Thousand Oaks.

#FreeBritney conspiracists alleged something foul was afoot when they noticed Spears never gave them the new house tour she promised prior to her June 2022 wedding. Asghari used his own social media to address questions about where the couple is living, and why it definitely didn’t look like a new home to them.

“It was hard for us to adjust,” he posted on an Instagram Story in early December 2022. “It took us that change to realize and appreciate what we already had.”

There’s no doubt that Spears has been adjusting back to life since being freed from her 13-year conservatorship, which ended in November 2021. Getting married, moving, and mixing back into normal life situations can be extremely stressful, even for a celebrity. But it seems the “Stonger” singer is indeed gaining strength every day, clapping back at haters as she goes.

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