Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari just reached a major Hollywood milestone

On Saturday night, as we were all at home watching Melissa McCarthy deliver yet another brutal Sean Spicer impersonation, Britney Spears was showing off her model boyfriend Sam Asghari at Clive Davis’ annual Salute to Industry Icons gala. Because our reigning ’90s queen is 35, flirty, and totally thriving, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

E! reporter Marc Malkin witnessed Britney and Asghari holding hands and kissing several times at their table, sitting right next to Jeremy Renner. This is definitely a visual we never knew we needed, but are nevertheless appreciating on this cold, dark Sunday afternoon.

Britney began seeing Asghari late in 2016, after they met filming her “Slumber Party” music video. We knew things were heating up when she posted a picture of them celebrating New Year’s Eve together, but nothing says “we’re serious” in Hollywood quite like adding someone to your plus one list at a major event like the Clive Davis party.

The Clive Davis party is the pre-Grammys bash of record, so Britney letting Asghari tag along is a huge, huge deal.

Brit walked the carpet solo — looking totally fantastic, of course — while Asghari reportedly entered the Beverly Hilton “unnoticed.”


So they’re not red carpet official yet, but still. We’ll take “star-studded Grammys party official” for now, and be glad this gives us something to look forward to later in 2017.

It’s the small stuff, okay?!

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