This Britney Spears hit helped a teen girl recover after brain surgery

Let’s be real: Britney Spears has created some seriously rad songs that have made us wanna dance, like, forever. Take “Toxic” for example. You just can’t listen to that song and NOT want to move your hips a little. But for 13-year-old Maegan Johnson from Phenix City, Alabama, that sentiment is truer than ever.

On June 3, Maegan took to Facebook to join in a video challenge called #justkeepdancing, started by Ellen for those suffering from pediatric cancer. . . and her story is mind-blowing. When Maegan was just seven years old, she suffered through a tragedy no one — let alone a child — should ever have to face: a brain aneurysm. She was flown to the Scottish Rite Childrens Hospital in Atlanta for an emergency surgery, and though her life was saved, she had a stroke during the 10-hour procedure. She was unable to speak for a whopping six weeks.


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