Britney Spears’ Bizarre, Unfiltered Rant Singles Out Jennifer Lopez, Leaving Fans Confused

Ex-Boyfriend Justin Timberlake also gets a cryptic mention.

Update: As of September 29, 2022, the posts referenced below, which appeared on Britney Spears’s Instagram account, have been deleted.

We thought the dissolution of Britney Spears’ conservatorship would bring some peace for the pop star princess. But after she recently was accused of fat-shaming Christina Aguilera’s backup dancers, the “Toxic” singer seems to be making up for lost time by making her voice a lot louder than any recording studio could ever hold—and it’s all on Instagram.

In a series of posts shared on September 25th, 2022, Spears revealed a whole host of details and feelings she experienced for over a decade during her conservatorship, which officially went into place in 2008.

“After 14 years of telling me no to what I wanted … it’s ruined for me,” she writes in a post that is a screenshot of what looks to be text from a notetaking app.

“But that wasn’t the worst part,” she adds. And then the text gets a bit…less coherent.

Spears goes on to explain how limited her personal time was and alludes to some major privacy concerns (including security guards that may have seen her naked while changing clothes or in the shower in her own home). 

Spears knew of a much more confined life under lockdown than any of us could have imagined pre-COVID, and some of her rant, like the mention of being “drugged on lithium,” is certainly disturbing.

But, what has fans even more puzzled is the mention of powerhouse peer Jennifer Lopez:

“I’d like to see somebody tell Jennifer Lopez to sit down eight hours a day seven days a week …” Spears writes. “I’d like to see a management team tell Jennifer Lopez to go through what I went through … what the f*** do you think she would do … her family would NEVER allow that.”

Spears and Lopez are certainly familiar with each other, having risen to fame around the same time in the 1990s and early 2000s. According to Entertainment Tonight, back in August, when Spears was dealing with harassment issues from ex-husband Kevin Federline, the “Baby One More Time” star mentioned JLo again, this time as a source of inspiration:

“As Jennifer Lopez once said ‘You look right down that camera and tell every little girl in the world to get loud and never ever back down to giving light to injustice ‘ ☺️ !!! I’m here to share that freedom is a state of mind !!! GOD BLESS U ALL❤️❤️❤️ Psss I shot this today !!!”

The post also included a photo of Spears and Lopez at the 2001 MTV VMAs. The post has since been deleted on Spears’ account, but remains as a tweet from JLo, with the words, “#StayStrong” in the caption.

Jennifer Lopez has not commented about the recent posts as of yet, but whatever relationship the two women have is a source of comfort for the recently independent Spears. 

Spears also added a new post alluding to some conflicts and issues related to ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, and how he would get more stage time, had more recording freedom, and other things she seemed to lack as a serious artist. 

Now that Spears is free from her conservatorship, we may get to hear some of those new beats she never got to produce in the past.

“I haven’t shared my voice in a really long time,” she writes. She adds that she liked experimenting with different remixes of her songs, especially on tour, but never got the chance to really create music the way she wanted to.

A third follow-up post shows two videos of the singer remixing “Baby One More Time” in a dark hallway of the singer’s home.

Drop it like it’s hot, Britney! But also, perhaps leave your celeb friends out of any heated remarks.

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