Britney Spears has raised $1 million for a children’s cancer charity, and you go, girl

Cementing her position as one of the kindest and sweetest celebrities around, Britney Spears has helped raise $1 million for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The singer, who just rounded out a small tour of Asia and Israel (with a first-time concert in Tel Aviv), has previously hosted various charity events for the foundation, including a charity bike ride last year. Around this time, Spears said that she wanted to raise $1 million for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation so that she could help with building a new permanent facility.

Well, it seems that Britney has achieved her goal.

As Entertainment Tonight reported, the Las Vegas performer has reached her $1 million target, which will be put toward building the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation’s new Britney Spears Campus, a 16,000 square-foot facility that will play home to over 45 new pediatric and adult services.

The singer has been raising money by donating proceeds from her hugely successful “Britney: Piece of Me” Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, as well as by donations from Zappos, Live Nation, and Caesars Entertainment.

Speaking about the achievement, Britney said that over her 19 year career, this was the moment of which she was most proud.

“The fact that I was able to use my celebrity status to raise the money to build this incredible facility to help sick children and their families when they need it the most not only brings many tears to my eyes, but really brings tremendous meaning to this amazing journey that I have been on,” she said.

Spears also explained how the charity was close to her heart.

“My aunt Sandra died of cancer and I know the devastating effects that this terrible disease brings upon its victims and their loved ones, but when it happens to innocent young children, there’s literally nothing I can think of worse than that,” she revealed. “I’m just glad that I can help in some small way. I want to thank the NCCF for the amazing work they do on a daily basis.”

Earlier this year, Britney penned a moving and powerful letter to her LGBTQ fans as part of Billboard‘s Pride Month.

In the handwritten note, the singer shared how her LGBTQ fans were an inspiration to her, and she thanked them for their support.

“Your stories are what inspire me, bring me joy and make me and my sons strive to be better people,” she wrote.

Britney is scheduled to return to Las Vegas in August as she kicks off the last leg of her “Piece of Me” residency, which is due to end in December.

We’re so proud of Britney for raising money for a charity that is close to her heart, and it’s such an inspiration to see someone using their platform to do good in the world.

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