Britney Spears Drives Fans Wild with Possible Pregnancy Announcement

Oh baby baby, how are we supposed to know if Britney is pregnant, or just messing with us?

Britney Spears is driving fans wild with what may be a low-key pregnancy announcement. The “Baby One More Time” singer posted a video of herself and husband Sam Asghari on December 13, with a super vague caption that some are thinking may be a hint at the newlywed’s growing family.

“He’s coming soon 🌹🌹🌹💋💋💋!!!” Spears wrote in the post, which contained a video of herself and Asghari in front of their Christmas tree.

Asghari simply says, “Merry Christmas” while holding his wife’s hand, which she pulls away and places (somewhat awkwardly) on her midsection, before covering her smile as though to say, “Oops! I Did It Again.”

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A bold baby news move? Not so fast — the next image in the post is of Santa Claus.

Could Ms. Britney be toying with our emotions like a toy on Christmas day? The post caption could go either way…

If the rumors are true, this would be the second time Spears and Asghari would be expecting a child. The pop star announced back in April that she was unexpectedly pregnant, but excited to take this next step with her then-fiance.

Unfortunately, Spears announced that she had miscarried one month later, in another heartfelt post.

While it’s natural and common for many women to miscarry, it’s no less difficult to bear, but Spears said she was “grateful for what we have in the process of expanding our beautiful family” and thanked her fans for their support.

Spears also has two teenage children with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. The relationship they’ve had with their mom has been strained recently, although Spears has made a few attempts to reconcile with family members since the end of her 13-year conservatorship back in November.

Meanwhile, Spears and Asghari have whisked themselves away to New York City for a bit. The singer shared some fun videos of her goofing off in a private jet, revealing her stomach in a few of them and driving fans wild with her alleged “baby bump” as seen in some of the comments.

Spears has been spending more time in public lately, including a brief trip to Jack in the Box for some burgers and a milkshake.

She was also supposedly out and about for her birthday on December 2, where she allegedly grabbed a stranger’s baby, covered it in kisses, and cooed over how cute it was.

A touch of baby fever perhaps? The outfits worn by Spears and Asghari in the latest post match that of what was worn in screenshots shared between some friends who made the claims about Spears’ behavior at the restaurant, so maybe there is more to her cryptic post than she’s letting on.

Oh baby baby, how are we supposed to know if baby makes three? Only she can reveal the truth, here’s hoping!

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