Britney Spears Predictions for 2023: New Stories, New Calm, and New Music?

It's been a whirlwind year for the singer and dancer, and 2023 is gearing up to be full of surprises.

It’s safe to say the past year has been a roller coaster of emotions for Britney Spears. From her first tastes of freedom shortly after being released from a 13-year conservatorship, to her wedding in June with third husband Sam Asghari, and every nude photo, deleted post, and ranty caption in between, 2022 was definitely a year of processing for the pop singing legend.

What will 2023 bring for Brit, however? She’s already been seen more and more outside of her Thousand Oaks mansion, on adventures to far away places, and fast-food drive-thrus. So far we know a new book is waiting for some pages to arrive, a Broadway show will make this star shine brighter, and (dare we say it?) she’s eager to get back in the studio for some new songs.

Time will tell, but here are some of our major predictions for Britney’s shiny new year.

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Britney will find inner peace

Like many, Spears has sought comfort in meditation, especially ramping up her practice in recent months.

“I’m that meditation bitch now,” she wrote in an Instagram post on December 10, which has since been taken down. “My masseuse is always doing it and he looks so peaceful … I’m like wow … that looks interesting. Falling deep into yourself … I say all this because I try to make [an] effort to take care of myself.”

While Asghari isn’t quite a fan of the method, the dutiful husband posted a few videos and images from their holiday getaway in Mexico. “A little hike & a little meditation on Christmas Day goes a long way 🧘🏽‍♂️🧘‍♀️” Asghari captioned the Instagram post. “my wife is really becoming a meditation guru and I love it 😍 Merry Britmas to you all 💪🏽 from Samta & Britney 🎅🏽”

If Spears does keep up the “oommms,” it could do wonders for her mental health, and bring more clarity to any chaos clouding her life. We could all use a little more calm, so it seems Spears is starting the new year off with some positive energy.

We’ll get more deets about her memoir

Fans were supposed to kick off the new year with their advanced copies of Spears’ memoir in hand, as the original release date was set for January 2023. However, according to previous reports, a paper shortage has apparently caused a delay in getting the finished work to the public. We also have no clues as to what said memoir holds, or even what it’s called.

“I’ve written 3 different versions of my book and had LOTS of therapy through the process,” Spears wrote in an Instagram caption from October 1. “Was it worth it ???? Not so sure …” As soon as more paper magically appears, we’re sure to get more teasers from the “Lucky” singer.

Her family members will compete for fame

Speaking of books, it seems everyone in the “Womanizer” singer’s circle is publishing one.

The release of Britney’s memoir could compete with a forthcoming parenting guide written by ex-husband Kevin Federline. To add even more fuel to the fire, Federline is reportedly getting help from Spears’ own dad, Jamie, the man who controlled most of Britney’s conservatorship for over a decade.

“Not everybody’s going to agree with me,” Jamie declared, in a recent interview about the subject. “’It’s been one hell of a time. But I love my daughter with all my heart and soul.”

In the meantime, you can leaf through Jamie Lynn Spear’s memoir, Things I Should Have Said, which was released earlier this year.

Britney will hit Broadway

It’s been a few years in the making, but Britney is headed to Broadway — well, sort of. She won’t be on stage, but the songs of Britney Spears are about to be brought to life in a new musical called Once Upon a One More Time, set to start previews on Broadway in May 2023.

According to E! News, the plotline is kind of wild, and involves classic fairytale characters like Snow White, Cinderella, and more, who are given copies of The Feminine Mystique by a fairy godmother for their book club. Their introduction into mid-century feminism, coupled with the Grammy-award winner’s songs, is just kooky enough to keep Broadway fans begging for more.

“I’m so excited to have a musical with my songs — especially one that takes place in such a magical world filled with characters that I grew up on, who I love and adore,” Spears said in a statement, when the show was first announced in 2019. “This is a dream come true for me!”

New music could be on the horizon

Now the prediction we’ve all been waiting for — a comeback from the incredible singer herself! The Sun reported recently that an insider shared Spears hopes to get back in the recording studio, to make new music once more and share her talents with the world again.

The source revealed that Spears’ experience in the studio with Sir Elton John on their duet “Hold Me Closer” was really “inspiring and exciting” despite “trepidation…about how it would feel, given her sentiments that she was always pushed into recording by her dad under the conservatorship.”

However, the source also stated that “her desire is to be back in the studio next year and see where the experience takes her.”

If true, it’d be the newest original music the star has released since her 2016 studio album Glory. Even if she’s just singing “Happy Birthday” though, we’ll take it!

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