Everyone’s wondering why Britney Spears posted an old photo of Cameron Diaz’s tomatoes

She’s got one of the most eclectic feeds out there, but we love her anyway. That said, it’s safe to say we are a little confused by Britney Spears posting a photo of tomatoes on Instagram. And not just any tomatoes — Cameron Diaz’s tomatoes.

Now, Spears definitely gave Diaz the full credit. She didn’t try to pass on Diaz’s garden as her own. But since the photo was over 40 weeks old, we think that Spears might have spent some free time scrolling through Diaz’s Instagram feed. It’s strange, since…well, it’s something we’d do.

Plus, the action definitely outed our girl Britney as being a huge fan of Diaz. (And her regram-worthy tomatoes.) Kind of cute.

Here’s the original photo posted by Diaz back in June of 2016:


And, here’s the image that Spears posted a day ago:

And, here’s what her fans think:


Over 72k liked it, which was much more than Diaz’s original photo — so, it’s nice to know that her 2016 garden got a little extra, unexpected love.

Maybe Britney’s got the gardening bug. After posting a photo with Sam Asghari just the other day, it’s obvious that Spears is all about the warmer weather.

You know what they say about April — the showers will be bringing May flowers. And perhaps, May tomatoes.

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