Guys, Britney Spears is now on Snapchat!

In case you feel like you aren’t as close to Britney Spears as you’d like to be, she just made it so you can feel even closer to her. Spears has finally made her Snapchat debut, so now you can watch her every move! Or at least the moves she chooses to show you.

Better late than never!

With the help of her two sons, Spears figured out how to post her first Snaps. She shared those Snaps on Twitter, which we’re so happy about, because it seems as though her Snapchat account might still be private (her account name is reportedly BritneySpears, which shouldn’t be too hard to remember).

“A little late on Snapchat… my kids showed me last week ? ,” she tweeted. “It’s great because it makes you feel pretty!”

She blessed her fans with some head tilts that were accompanied by sticking her tongue out. So, basically everyone’s first Snap. Britney Spears, she’s just like us.

She then posted another Snap of herself telling a story about how she was in Vegas and it was super hot outside. Then, all of the sudden, she was in Red Rock and it was snowing. She told the story while using the mouse filter, because she’s clearly a professional Snapchatter now.

It seems as though Spears has been getting her first real taste of Snapchat over the last couple of weeks.

First, she posted this Snap to Instagram with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

At first, we weren’t sure if maybe she was using someone else’s Snapchat.

Like this video she posted with her bestie:

And this video she posted with her son:

But since she has officially confirmed that she’s on Snapchat, there’s no more wondering. Welcome to the crazy club, Britney!

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