Britney Spears’ newest Instagrams are giving us major vacation goals

While much of the U.S. is on spring break (or getting ready to go on spring break) we’re super busy doing things like not being on spring break. So when we see social media posts from people who are having the best time ever on their vacations, we can’t help but day-dream about our own.

Specifically, we’ve already started planning our next vacation to whichever island in Hawaii Britney Spears is currently visiting with her family. Because it’s absolutely stunning.

The pop star and queen of Vegas has been sharing photos on Instagram of her vacation, giving us some major vacation goals. Starting with this shot she captioned, “Aloha Hawaii.”

She rocked a blue bathing suit and some serious back muscles while posing in a pool with two volleyball players who probably had absolutely no idea who was behind them:

She seems to be having a great time with her boys, who are all about that ocean life:

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