Britney Spears drops her new single “Make Me…” – internet freaks out accordingly

Britney Spears has finally shared her single “Make Me…” with the world and OMG it’s a total SMASH.

In between sharing adorable pictures of kids, releasing a new perfume, having her mobile game, and revamping her Las Vegas show with a bunch of gorgeous new costumes, the princess of pop is also about to release her yet-to-be-titled ninth album.

The first song taken from the upcoming collection, “Make Me…” is a sultry and sexy track featuring rapper G-Eazy, and we have to say we’re totally in love with it.

Of course, people on the internet reacted strongly to the news, with many people completely freaking out accordingly. false false false false false false false false

Within hours, the song had climbed to number one on the US iTunes chart, where it currently sits just above Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

Earlier this week, parts of the song’s music video began to leak online. The clip sees the singer wearing a black one piece surrounded by her dancers and she looks INSANE.

Britney is currently on a break from her Las Vegas residency, and returns to the Strip on 17 August.

Listen to “Make Me…” below and try not to freak out just a little bit.

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