Britney Spears got a wavy new haircut and she shared it in the goofiest way

By now you should be aware the Britney Spears is the best person on Instagram. The singer and pop music icon has really taken to the photo sharing social network, and we couldn’t love it more.

One thing about Brit’s Insta that we adore is that she shares cute, goofy, and wonderful insights into her life. The star isn’t known for interviews, so it’s amazing to see how comfortable she is sharing family moments with her two adorable boys, her niece Queen Lexie, and hot guys on motorcycles. She’s still an enigma, but it feels that after all these years we’re getting a look at who Britney Spears really is and we LOVE IT.

Now Britney has shared her new haircut on Instagram, and she’s done it in a typically goofy way.

While we always knew that Britney was goofy (seriously, just check out some of her old interviews), the star’s Instagram account is a wonder. Even when she’s sharing her beautiful new haircut, she still manages to have fun in a totally unfiltered way and we live.

Uploading a collage picture, Britney showed off her new look and we have to say we’re obsessed with it. Of course, these pictures had a Britney twist to them.

"My new haircut wheeeee 💇💇💇💇💇💇," she wrote.


Britney also shared a cute picture of her son Sean Preston after he got a snazzy new trim, too.

We’re not gonna lie, we love how much Britney is obviously feeling herself with her new hairdo. It’s so amazing to see her happy and confident. Seriously, work it girl.

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