Britney Spears Announces New Name Change, Uses Pie as a Cryptic Reference

Bye bye Channel 8, hello possible reference to a 1998 movie about murder?

Is Britney Spears suddenly “the artist formerly known as Britney Spears”? After a series of incoherent Instagram posts on Jan. 19, the pop singing legend changed her name to River Red — and fans are trying to figure out if it’s more than just an impulsive move.

In the earlier post where she models a red Coca-Cola two-piece outfit, the “Overprotected” singer starts off talking about baking pies (cherry and banana), referencing her “Aunt Suzy’s house,” though it is unconfirmed if she really has an Aunt Suzy in her life, or if it’s a nickname for someone else.

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“The news of me being tipsy in the news then exploiting my past is a clever way to make me look like a pardoned woman that we can look at and say AWWW !!!” the “Toxic” singer continued. “My neighborhood friend says I will pay for it the rest of my life !!!”

“I’m sorry dear friend but if you ever got a taste of my pie … I could finally deliver it with my beautiful ass …” she added, referencing pies again.

This isn’t the first time Spears has made us hungry for more answers. She’s posted cryptic messages about pie before, including one from Nov. 21 where she discussed Christmas, church, and how “The only women who live by tradition are the ones who CUT the PIE 🌹to a T … I’m serving pie this year 🥧 … who should I serve first ???”

Adding more fuel to the pie fire, Spears dug into those connected to her previous conservatorship of 13 years as well, stating, “I think my ignorant ways of trusting these TRUSTEES might have no where else to look …. not at an ice bowl 🧊or to show relevance.”

These could be references to former trustee and younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears who just dropped out of the Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test reality show she wanted to use to prove her worth. The ice bowl reference may also be something linked to new husband Sam Asghari, who recently made a bunch of posts about taking ice baths, and was connected to the recent incident where Spears was filmed at a restaurant in LA.

The next post is even stranger, and introduces fans to the new name change.

“I changed my name to River Red 🔴 !!! Yet the fire 🔥 is where it illuminates 💡” she elaborates. “to stare at it and jump right in with no fear at all !!!!”

“Now I have to find my FORK 😏🍴😂 !!!” Spears concludes, in another possible reference to pie.

Previously, Spears had placed Channel 8 in the area designated for one’s name on Instagram. There is no clear reason as to why she had this (fan theories on Reddit range from references to numerology, as well as a YouTube channel about how to pose for photos and videos, and more), but now that it’s River Red, #FreeBritney folks are trying to decipher once more.

So what could River Red mean? Well, it happens to be a film from 1998 (the same year Spears released “Baby One More Time”) where a son “kills his alcoholic father to end the cycle of violence.”

However, the plot twists when his brother “confesses to the murder and goes to jail” instead.


We won’t go down the fan theory rabbit hole, but we do hope this new persona doesn’t end up with someone in jail…

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