Britney Spears Says She Meditated for ‘3 Hours’ to Pop Songs

J. Lo and Shakira are part of her new meditation practice, while Elton John shouts her out in new IG post.

Britney Spears is really leaning into her meditation practice. The pop legend recently posted on Instagram that she drew some spiritual inspiration from fellow music icons like Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, and Shakira, leaving followers wondering how long a person can really stand listening to one song over and over again.

“I meditated to ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by @shakira !!!” Spears posted on Jan. 4, 2023, along with a compilation of dance footage that appears to be in a studio other than her home. The song in the video however is actually “Booty,” performed by J. Lo and featuring Azalea’s rap beats.

“I just said ‘keep shaking your ass’” she continued, “and I did for 3 hours !!!”

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Deep meditation can last as long as you need it, but three hours of one song in a row is enough to drive anyone insane.

Still, Spears has really been exploring the art of meditation for quite some time, especially since she was released from her conservatorship of 13 years.

“I’m that meditation bitch now,” she wrote in an Instagram post on December 10, which has since been taken down. “My masseuse is always doing it and he looks so peaceful … I’m like wow … that looks interesting. Falling deep into yourself … I say all this because I try to make [an] effort to take care of myself.”

Husband Sam Asghari used to have the opposite feeling when it came to reaching a bit of zen. Spears added that the fitness trainer and actor used to hate it, and thought she’d “gone bonkers” when she mentioned it in a previous post.

However, it seems even he’s coming around to what the mind’s eye holds. Husband number three added a few videos and images from their holiday getaway in Mexico where the two of them sought inner peace together.

“A little hike & a little meditation on Christmas Day goes a long way 🧘🏽‍♂️🧘‍♀️” Asghari captioned the Instagram post. “my wife is really becoming a meditation guru and I love it 😍”

Aside from swinging her hips in an effort to find nirvana, Spears commented about how she “Found my hands with some red gloves.” These gloves look similar to a blue one she wore back in November, when she revealed a new health concern to fans: that she suffered nerve damage on the right side of her body.

Perhaps Spears is getting ready to dance for some new music that could be on the horizon? The Sun reported recently that an insider shared how Spears hopes to get back in the recording studio, based on her positive experience with Sir Elton John last year.

The “Tiny Dancer” singer-songwriter legend thanked Spears in a new Instagram post, where he announced that their collaboration, “Hold Me Closer,” was chosen as the top favorite song of 2022 in a Billboard reader poll.

“An enormous thank you to @billboard, it’s readers and all the fans of ‘Hold Me Closer’ who voted it their favorite song of 2022!!” John wrote in the Instagram caption.

“And thank you @britneyspears for your talent and collaboration in making this happen and the incredible @thisiswatt who shares this success! What an incredible way to kick off the year 🚀🌹”

Asghari left a comment on the post with two goats, assumedly representing the acronym “Greatest Of All Time.” With two incredible talents in his inner circle, we know he’s not wrong.


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