Britney Spears Responds After Reported ‘Manic’ Meltdown at LA Restaurant

"I was a little drunk and looking like Shrek."

In a reference that perhaps no one could predict, Britney Spears is comparing herself to an ugly green cartoon ogre in her latest Instagram post. This, after being caught on tape appearing to have a meltdown while out in a rare public outing in LA with her husband over the weekend.

The 41-year old ‘Toxic’ singer was out on Jan. 13th with hubby Sam Ashgari at hotspot JOEY, when she reportedly noticed fans taking her photo and started “talking gibberish,” reports TMZ. Ashgari then appears to storm out of the restaurant, states the tabloid.

Britney followed suit two minutes later with her bodyguard in tow, who then returned to the restaurant to pay the tab. Eyewitnesses described the whole thing as “manic.”

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The star wasted no time taking to her “Channel 8” Instagram account with some strange posts, apparently in reference to the restaurant incident. The first, posted the following day, showed a drawing of woman sitting at a table with the words “they told me I couldn’t, that’s why I did!”

Just hours later, Brit posted yet another vid of herself — this time dancing to the ’90s Divinyls‘ song ‘I Touch Myself,” which culminates in her flipping the camera the bird. While Spears typically deletes posts as fast as she makes them, at the time of writing, this one is still there, albeit with comments turned off. 

On Sunday, confused fans finally got a little bit of an explanation into what went on Friday night that prompted the ‘Womanizer’ singer to act that way. In a rant beneath an illustration of a tiny girl pouring pancake on syrups, Brit shares that she watched the movie Natural Born Killers and “holy smokes sh*t balls, I’m sure I brought a billion smiles to me looking like Shrek at a restaurant.”

She continues, “The news is all hyped about me being a little drunk at a restaurant… it’s like they’ll be watching my every move!” The star then goes on to seemingly liken herself to a prophet, then encourages fans to “check out the shocking Shrek picture” of her.

On Sunday, Ashgari reportedly defended his wife while speaking to a paparazzo, reports TMZ, telling the photographer that Britney got flustered when fans noticed her but understands it “comes with the territory.”

We’re wondering if YouTuber Chris Crocker will resurrect his viral “leave Britney alone” pleas, after this latest incident that seemed to ruin the singer’s date night. Only time will tell!

Jené Luciani Sena
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