Britney Spears Loses $1.7 Million Selling Mansion She Didn’t Live In

She bought the glitzy Calabasas residence just 8 months ago, and settled for an all-cash deal.

Britney Spears had hoped to start a new life in a new home with new husband Sam Asghari, but the pop icon is officially no longer the owner of her Calabasas mansion, which she only had for nine months. The singer has reportedly lost money on the resale deal as well, according to details dropped by Dirt.

According to the writeup, Spears was hoping to recoup her losses with a sale of $12 million, a few million more than the original purchase price of $11.7 million. The final sale however came in at $10 million, so the Grammy award-winner, whose net worth was listed by Forbes at $60 million at the time her conservatorship came to an end, effectively lost money on the sale.

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The good(ish?) news is that the sale was an all-cash deal, meaning the whole process was quick and easy. Reports that Spears had listed the “new” mansion on the housing market surfaced early in January 2023; offloading it completely in under two months likely saved her time, stress, and additional costs that come with financed real estate sales.

“Our primary goal in the sale of the home was to do it as quickly and as painlessly as possible,” Bryce Pennel, the home’s listing agent, reaffirmed to Mansion Global. “Historically, homes in this neighborhood sit on the market for over a year and go through several price reductions before selling.”

Pennel seems to be Spears’ “Lucky” star, adding that he “sourced a buyer in under seven days,” and was able to help additionally negotiate the cash offer to be as low-impact as possible.

“It was discussed and mutually agreed upon that we would rather take the slam-dunk than risk selling even lower one year from now,” he added, “after months of accrued carrying costs and expenses.”

So who is moving into the short-lived Chez Spears? Ezekiel Tyson Jr., which Dirt revealed to be a personal injury attorney and real estate investor from Dallas, TX. So far no direct connections between buyer and seller have been made.

The “Overprotected” singer had purchased the new home in the same neighborhood as ex-husband Kevin Federline, as previously reported by TMZ. While the location would have placed her closer to her two teenage sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, the new changes may have just been too much for the singer, who got married to Asghari back in June 2022. Spears herself, has never spoken about why she chose to buy and sell the home so quickly.

Husband Number Three used his own social media to address questions about why the couple moved back into what some fans refer to as “the old house”:

“It was hard for us to adjust,” he posted on an Instagram Story on his account back in December 2022. “It took us that change to realize and appreciate what we already had.”

@SamAsghari / Instagram@SamAsghari / Instagram

This quick sale comes at a particularly stressful point in Spears’ life. The “Crazy” singer has been battling a media frenzy of headlines digging into her personal life, especially regarding her mental health.

While she’s been vocal about the narratives press outlets have built as of late, she’s also attempted to share more of what “life as Britney Spears” looks like on her Instagram account. Fans can currently enjoy videos of her dancing at home, including to her own song, “The Hookup.”

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