Britney Spears and Kate Hudson hung out and made our 2000s dreams come true

When did YOU fall in love with Britney Spears? Was it when her first music video for “Baby One More Time” aired, or was it a little later during the Circus era? And while loving Britney Spears, did you not also feel a weird, inexplicable kinship with Kate Hudson, who was also very much on the scene in the 2000s (Almost Famous! How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days!)? You did, didn’t you?

Which is why today is a wonderful day: the Internet is filled with pics of Britney and Kate from last night’s game night at Kate’s place. Spears showed up to liven up the already awesome event. We are not sure if it was planned out, but Hudson and Spears donned black tank tops and basically looked like best friends and/or sisters.

The gals look beautiful and glow-y and super happy to be hanging out with each other. (On another note, I am also trying to find out where Hudson got her hat because it’s kind of perfect for my Halloween costume.)

Both women were proud to show off their friendship to the Instagram masses. (STARS! They are just like us!) Spears posted a couple of pictures to her person IG account but Hudson’s caption made everything worth it.  

Using a Britney song reference as a hashtag is always a good life choice. Well done, Kate Hudson.

Soo… can we come to the next game night?

All images via Instagram.

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