Britney Spears just told us who her first crush is, and it makes so much sense

We all remember what it was like to have our first crush. That feeling of butterflies in your stomach, your face getting a little hot, and sweating for no apparent reason. Many of our first crushes were celebrities, some of us first crushed on cartoon characters (personally, I had a thing for Simba), and for others, it was just the kid down the street. We recently got intel on Britney Spears’ first crush, and well, given the time she grew up, it’s pretty much exactly who you’d expect.

In a recent one-minute interview with E! News, among other things like who she first talked to in the day (her assistant) and what her favorite meal to cook for her kids is (tacos!), she revealed her first Hollywood crush, and it’s likely many of us share the same answer. Who’s the mystery man? Brad Pitt, of course.


Dreamy. She didn’t skip a beat, even though many of us were probably hoping she would’ve said Justin Timberlake, just because the two of them were so cute back in the day. When she was asked the obvious follow-up question, “Why Brad Pitt?” she immediately answered, “Because he’s fucking Brad Pitt!” Duh. You can watch the whole video below: