Britney Spears just broke Instagram by showing off her gorgeous $16 swimsuit


If you haven’t noticed, our pop queen of Las Vegas (and the depths of our hearts) has been winning Instagram with fun, body-positive photos as of late. Last month, she posted a selfie in shorts and a crop top that just hollered “summer is almost here!” That month, she posted a few more bikini pics, in which she looks totally happy and beautiful and totally embracing her bod. Basically, Brit has been living her best life, and we are here for her every Insta of the way. Including her newest swimsuit selfie that has the interwebz freaking OUT.

The pic, which the pop princess posted yesterday, shows Britney wearing a ~sexy~ lime green one-piece with strappy sides that show off her hips. She captioned the photo, “Bought three new swimsuits today. This one is my favorite!” 

And we can see why! It’s super bright and looks ***flawless on Brit. And if you’re thinking, “Wait, *I* want a swimsuit just like Britney’s,” guess what? YOU CAN TOTALLY OWN ONE.

Cosmopolitan pointed out this exact swimsuit is for sale on Amazon and for as little as $16.


Clearly, Britney is gearing up for summer and soaking up what’s left of spring. An hour ago she posted this endearing collage-video of all her favorite spring things (bees, flowers, her cutie sons).

Oh Brit! Spring and summer totally suit you. Can’t wait to see what the other two swimsuits you bought are!