Britney Spears will guest star on our (and her?!) fave, ‘Jane the Virgin’

Looks like this season of Jane the Virgin is going to be … STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY. That’s because Britney Spears — yes, that Britney Spears — is going to guest-star on the show.

Before you start pinching yourself and wondering if you’re having an amazing, brightly-colored daydream, look at what the one-time girl, not yet a woman herself tweeted this afternoon:

First off, let’s talk about how Jane the Virgin is apparently “one of [Britney’s] favorite shows EVER.”

Whether or not that’s total truth or a little exaggerated, the thought of it is unreal because then you can just imagine Britney showing up to your pad for a JTV screening party, arriving in that awesome pink car from the “Do Somethin’” video. (She uses that on the reg, right? If not, she really needs to get on it.) But on a more legitimate note, this whole thing is totally real and totally confirmed, as evidenced by this statement from Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Urman:

So, Britney Spears is not only coming on the show, she’s PLAYING HERSELF. And she’s gonna go up against the biggest diva in the JTV universe, Rogelio (that’s Jane’s soap opera actor dad, for newbies)! Are you totally fangirling out right now? Because we are. And so are both Gina Rodriguez (Jane) and Jaime Camil (Rogelio).

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a pop star play themselves on JTV (in Season 1, Paulina Rubio appeared as Paulina Rubio, AKA the eternal idol of Jane’s mom, Xiomara). But this cameo is pretty much next level exciting because A) Britney Spears hasn’t done a ton of acting recently (although she did appear as a judge on X Factor, her last legit acting gig was on How I Met Your Mother and that was in 2008) and it’s about time she got back in the game (Crossroads fans in the house?) in a way she feels comfortable, and B) well, it’s Britney, b*tch!

I, for one, can’t wait to see what parenting advice Brit-Brit has for new mom Jane. Also, will she do a musical number with Xo? Will she and Rogelio have a cat fight that rivals the one Cookie had on Empire this season? Since this is Jane, we can assume that it’s entirely possible all of the above and then some will happen. And in that case, we’ll just say, Britney and Jane, give us, give us more. Give us more. GIVE US. GIVE US. MOREEEEE.

(image via The CW)