Here’s what we know about Britney Spears’ guest spot on ‘Jane the Virgin’

Britney Spears is really bringing it these days, between her Vegas show and now, her life-changing, unbelievably epic appearance on Jane the Virgin. Like, seriously guys, wait until you see the preview images and trailers for her episode, which airs Monday, November 9 on The CW. They are, to quote a lesser known Brit-Brit song, OUTRAGEOUS.

First of all, you may recall that when Britney was cast on the show, the producers revealed that she would not only be playing herself on the show, but herself as Rogelio’s (that’s Jane’s soap opera actor dad, in case you’re here for the Britney and not quite familiar with JTV). So naturally, all the sneak peeks we’re getting for her episode, “Chapter Twenty-Seven,” are centered around that very feud. Just look at the tension between Ro and B in this pic:


Also, there is a full teaser trailer for “Chapter Twenty-Seven,” which gives us an even bigger and better (and stronger?) look at Britney’s big JTV debut. And in addition to the Rogelio stuff, we get to see Jane and Britney dance to “Toxic” at the Marbella!

Yeah, you’re gonna want to watch that trailer right now and, maybe, baby, one or more time. Speaking of which, who wants to bet that there’s going to be a “Oh baby baby” joke somewhere in the episode? I mean, it just has to happen, right? If it doesn’t, we won’t hold it against the show or anything (see what I did there?), but this is Britney, b-tch, so it’s safe to say we should be prepared for anything and everything and belly tops.

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