Britney Spears “Can’t Remember How Many Women” Dad Took on Tour Bus

The pop singer details her grueling life on the road in a new Instagram post.

Britney Spears is delighting fans with more old-school Britney content on her Instagram account. It’s not solely for our own entertainment, however; the pop princess is ensuring her followers know her side of the conservatorship story, even if it means sharing descriptive details of her previously restricted life.

“I was told by someone who directed movies that the music industry is a different beast,” the singer, who has been working in show business since she was 11-years old, wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on Mar 2. “Especially touring!!!”

Britney Spears / Instagram

The post contains a video of the star performing her mega-hit, “Toxic,” which she performed at NYC’s Gotham Hall back in 2003. Spears reminisced about this performance being one of her “favorites” and that it all came down to a super simple plan:

“3 days of rehearsal, 1 day of dress rehearsal and performing just 5 songs, shot to a T on a TV set!!!” she elaborated. “It took 45 minutes to shoot … I remember afterwards being like, “wow that was easy, can we do it again ???” The lighting, everything was brilliant!!!”

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Spears admitted that while touring was fun, “being in a different city constantly gets pretty draining!!!” The “Overprotected” singer elaborated with grueling details of life on the road, including times where upwards of  “4 trucks and 300 people” were required to see each show through.

Over the course of 19 years, Spears has had a total of 11 headlining tours, as well as a Las Vegas residency she held from 2013-2017, and numerous promotional performances she was part of.

Some of these experiences took place during her conservatorship of 13-years, where nearly everything in her life — from her career, to her finances, her reproductive rights, and even a simple cup of coffee — were controlled by trustees.

The main appointee of the conservatorship was her father, Jamie Spears. The Grammy award-winning singer has no shame in calling out his behavior in an effort to showcase how mismanaged she alleges her life became.

“On tour I can’t remember how many women were on the bus with my dad 🙄🙄🙄,” she continued in the post caption. “Either way, I would say they got a great deal wasting 15 years of my life!!!”

According to Spears, the Gotham Hall performance “didn’t feel like work AT ALL” and that it made her feel “like a star” instead of part of her family’s controlled environment.

The “Lucky” singer’s conservatorship ended in November 2021, and she’s been adjusting back to freedom since then. “Having this new found independence gives me strength every day and the ability to stay hungry, focused, fearless, and honestly just be a good person !!!” she closed out the post with.

Spears has been keeping fans updated on her personal progress, which includes making lasagna, learning how to start her fireplace, and getting as many manicure/pedicures as her heart desires.

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