Britney Spears is Alive and Well in Mexico, Calls Out Her Mom in a New Instagram Post

The singer is bummed she can't post nudes anymore, and *may* have also changed her name...

Britney Spears wants you to know she’s not dead, kidnapped, cloned, or any of the other wild fan theories that are out there. According to a bombardment of Instagram posts on her account, she’s alive, free, in one body only, and enjoying her time in Mexico.

“I’m posting these from Mexico 🇲🇽 !!!!” she declared in the caption from one of six new IG posts she uploaded on December 20.

Most of the posts are cropped to only show her from the shoulders up, but superfans know these are from previous posts she removed which show her fully naked body.

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“Instagram doesn’t like posts of people revealing their bodies anymore so here’s a selfie of me in Mexico 🇲🇽 !!!” the pop legend wrote in another caption from the grouping. “I was in the shower 🚿 for 2 hours but we can’t reveal our bodies now !!!

Spears has been vocal on her account in terms of body positivity, using the movement to justify her nearly pornographic nude content.

However, her husband, Sam Asghari, recently revealed he isn’t thrilled when she posts that kind of stuff, and while he “would never control someone who’s been controlled for 13+ years” as he’s posted previously, we have to admit it must be hard to see someone you love expose themselves so publicly.

Whether this new cropped format is a direct response to that, or if Instagram really is seeing her posts as a violation of their community guidelines, isn’t clear. But in terms of what else Spears wrote in her IG post explosion, it’s almost the least of her crazy captions.

“Mom and Dad … I crossed the border and I made it !!!” the ‘Toxic’ singer wrote in one of the pre-shower images. “After no coffee for 15 years ☕️ … Mom we can go have coffee together now !!! I’m treated as an equal … let’s have coffee and talk about it !!!”

Prior to confirming she was abroad in Mexico, Spears had written a few posts targeted at her family members, especially her younger sister Jamie Lynn. She wrote about how travel was good for mental health, and that she “never felt accepted” by her family, but that she felt accepted by others when she traveled abroad.

Spears trying to catch up with mom Lynne via IG is super bizarre however, especially based on their estranged relationship. The “Lucky” singer is usually honest about her feelings towards her parents, especially her dad, who she alleged was trying to kill her while she was under her 13-year conservatorship.

Jamie Spears has spoken out recently about how he has no regrets in choosing to be the main appointee of Britney’s finances and personal decisions during that time, but Mama Spears has yet to comment. Maybe the truth will come out over a cup of coffee with her oldest daughter later on.

In the meantime, we may have to get used to a new “Womanizer” woman — Spears hinted a name change could be on the horizon.

“I’ve changed my name to Brooklyn 😜 !!!” she announced in the most recent post from the grouping.

Could 2023 be Brooklyn Spears’ year? We hope there’s a new album under that name, at least!

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