Remember when Britney Spears made a jingle for shampoo?

Celebrities often end up endorsing things and sometimes it can be amazing and others it can be a bit, well, bizarre. What we love more than anything is when a celebrity, usually a popstar, has to sing a jingle, too.

One person who is no stranger to singing, commercials, or jingles is Britney Spears. Of course, Britney is most well known for her Pepsi commercial and it’s banging song, “The Joy Of Pepsi.”

However, do you remember when Britney also did the commercials for Clairol’s Herbal Essences?


Released around the time that Britney was promoting her movie, Crossroads, the adverts feature her hit song “Overprotected,” along with scenes from the film.

Yet, Britney also took things one step further and recored an ACTUAL JINGLE for Herbal Essences.


We totally love this ’00s sounding jingle, and it could be something lifted directly from one of Brit’s albums (or, come to think of it, the Backstreet Boys’ or N*Sync’s, too).

At the moment, Britney is currently quite busy promoting her new single “Make Me…” and is about to release her ninth studio album. Nevertheless, we’d totally be into Brit recording an updated jingle, wouldn’t you? 


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