Britney Spears Grinds Provocatively on Camera to Her Own Music

Fans were ecstatic to see their fave pop princess body roll to a song she "never released as a single."

Britney Spears is still serving up some serious dance videos (filmed in the foyer of her mansion, of course), but the “Tiny Dancer” singer switched things up recently by getting down to her own music. The pop icon posted a video of herself on Instagram air-grinding and gyrating to “The Hookup,” a song from her fourth full length studio album, In the Zone.

“This was one of my favorite songs but never released as a single 🤔🤔 !!!” she wrote at the end of the post’s caption.

The video features a few clips Spears spliced together, where she shows off her dance moves in a short pink dress with rhinestone detailing.

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“I’ve always thought a baby pink dress would be lame honestly but with a tan it’s actually really pretty,” she wrote in the beginning of the post’s caption. She went on to talk about California’s surprise ice storm and whether or not having a tan makes you look younger or older.

Spears rarely posts content that includes her own music; she recently posted a clip of her singing “Oops!… I Did It Again” but quickly deleted it, saying, “I posted the wrong video of me singing…and I tried to play it off with the caption…. I was in the studio messing around and I accidentally posted that version !!! Mortified, completely mortified.”

So getting to see her provocative hip rolls was a treat for fans. Because the singer doesn’t allow comments on her Instagram posts anymore, many took to the BreatheHeavy’s Exhale Britney Spears fan forum to share their opinions.

“Her dancing to her own music looks soooo much better than those random songs she usually picks,” wrote one member.

“Brinny should just hit up the klub. Get her dancin out,” posted another.

A second post Spears made over the weekend reintroduced a photo of herself taken by new husband Sam (Hesam) Asghari, which he had posted as an Instagram Story on Feb. 16. The “mirror selfie” is one of the few Spears appearances on her husband’s social media profile, though he does his best to “respect her privacy” and not post without her consent.

“The pics I’ve taken while out with Hesam I’ve always looked just as tall or taller with him,” she describes in the caption. “So this pic was pretty interesting !!! He’s like two heads bigger than me 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤧 !!!”

The “Crazy” singer added another dance video to the post, this time featuring more pop-influenced moves to what Spears called “80’s nerd music.”

She closed out the post with, “Don’t be jealous of my skills 😒😒😒😂😂😂 !!!”

The latest posts by the Grammy award-winner may be her way of showing how well she’s readjusting back to her post-conservatorship life. Spears has recently been the target of a media frenzy involving reports on the status of her mental health, including an alleged intervention that failed to take place.

”The way the news has always spread lies about me is incredibly heartbreaking !!! ” she wrote in another Instagram post on Feb. 23. “I have transformed my whole life with the elimination of my conservatorship and I deserve respect !!!”

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