Britney Spears rocks gothic beach accessories — let’s copy her look for less

Now that summer is finally here, we want nothing more than our toes in the warm sand, the comforting smell of sunblock, and the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Yup – we’re talking about the beach here. And when it comes to all things beachy-keen, our thoughts often tend to drift toward the topic of fashion. I mean, what’s better than being on the beach and looking cute?

Luckily, we have some beach fashion inspo right at our fingertips on Britney Spears’ Instagram. Yesterday, the popstar posted a selfie of herself by the sea and now all we can think about are the gothic accessories she wore. Just look at that lacy choker and those ink black, round sunglasses:

Because we obviously want to copy the above look (for less, of course), we’ve rounded up some similar products that will help us embrace Britney’s chic, gothic beach vibes.

Bar and Near Lace Choker


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Full Moon Round Sunglasses


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Black Lace Choker


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Coco Oversized Sunnies


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Asos Basic Lace Choker Necklace


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Niouxhc Unisex’s Round Mirror Polycarbonate Sunglasses


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Black Velvet Purple Lace Crystal Choker


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Sienna Retro Round Sunglasses


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Let’s get our summer goth on, shall we?

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