Britney Spears’ first Instagram selfie will remind you how good she is at impressions

As the reigning queen of Las Vegas, Britney Spears knows a thing or two about magic. And sometimes that magic can be found in the past, like your old Instagram feed!

After some serious ~investigative journalism~ we found Britney Spears’ very first Instagram selfie and (of COURSE) it’s cute, hilarious, and will totally make you say, “OMG!”

Here’s her very first Instagram selfie – an impression of Woody Woodpecker.

Her caption: “Sometimes I do impressions.”

This ridiculously funny post by Britney just reminds us how completely relatable she is IRL.

Like when she takes adorable family vacay pics.

Or takes a ~stealth~ selfie.

Basically, whenever she isn’t slaying on stage, she’s just being a goof, like us all. And we LOVE. IT. ALL.

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