Britney Spears Fights Back At Tabloids: “The way the news has always spread lies about me is incredibly heartbreaking.”

Amid a media whirlwind, Britney Spears took to Instagram to call out the press.

Britney Spears is fighting back at what the press is publishing about her personal life, and she’s not above calling out the tabloids explicitly.

“The constant lies from the media and TMZ have felt like borderline harassment,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on Feb. 23. “It’s extremely disturbing…”

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The “Crazy” singer has been the target of tabloid press as of late, from an instance where she was recorded on video by a restaurant-goer back in January, to rumored details of a foiled intervention between loved ones and herself.

TMZ has reported on several of these instances, including a recent video in which the media site hosted interventionist Ken Seeley as a guest on TMZ Live, who voiced his opinions on the importance of interventions in relation to Spears’ situation, and in general.

Spears, on the other hand, is upset because of how these reports could potentially damage her reputation. The pop icon has been free of her 13-year long conservatorship since November of 2021, and she’s been posting updates about her progress since.

The pop star’s new husband Sam Asghari has been open about the adjustments he’s witnessed with Spears, which include moving back to her Thousand Oaks Mansion despite the couple’s purchase of a new home.

“It was hard for us to adjust,” he posted on an Instagram Story in early December 2022. “It took us that change to realize and appreciate what we already had.”

In her Instagram post, Spears vocalized how “incredibly important it is at this time” for her to receive as much support and respect as possible, while she navigates the highs and lows of conservatorship-free life.

”The way the news has always spread lies about me is incredibly heartbreaking !!! ” she continues in the caption. An avid fan of meditation, the singer noted how she’s been using the practice to call in more “hope and excitement” for her future.

“I have transformed my whole life with the elimination of my conservatorship and I deserve respect !!!” She repeated. “It’s almost embarrassing commenting on this because of how completely outrageous what’s being said is !!!”

The “Overprotected” singer concluded the post by stating, “It’s my right to protect myself from the cruelty of the outside world !!!”

The Grammy award winner used a clip from The Andy Griffith Show to emphasize her point: “Just because somebody said something doesn’t mean it has to be printed,” the 1960s TV star explains. “You don’t circulate stories that are mean and unkind about people. There are too many other stories to put in, nice stories.”

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