Someone trolled Southwest Airlines with a Britney Spears-themed prank, and their response might be the best thing ever

The greatest interaction in the history of the internet might have recently occurred, and it involves Southwest Airlines, Twitter, and Britney Spears.

While it’s been a bit of a messy week for airline companies, it seems that not everyone is having a bad week when it comes to customer relations. In fact, as one Twitter user found out, when it comes to customer service, Southwest Airlines might just be the best in the game.

As Buzzfeed reports, Twitter user @xadoringpaige, whose real name is Juan, was just having some fun on social media. The 19-year-old decided that he’d mess around with a customer service rep from SouthWest Airlines and pretend that he’d had a terrible experience.

Messaging the airline company via a direct message on Twitter, Juan told how he’d had a terrible experience on a recent flight.

“One of your flight attendants was being extremely rude and basically harassed me throughout my flight,” he detailed.


When quizzed about his “experiences,” Juan decided to go in…

"Basically, she only referred to me as "fattie" and was being extremely rude," he told Linnea from Southwest. "When I asked her for extra sugar for my coffee she hesitated, and when she gave me it she whispered in my ear 'You’ll die soon enough fattie.' It was really rude. I have a picture if you guys need it for investigation."

Poor Linnea was, understandably, horrified by what had occurred, and asked Juan to provide the name of the flight attendant. That’s when the final joke came…



If that wasn’t enough, however, Linnea had the BEST response to Juan’s trolling.

"Oops, she did it again," she wrote.


After getting the response, Juan shared his encounter with the world, and it quickly went viral.

Speaking to Buzzfeed about what inspired him to play the prank, Juan explained that he’d been watching Britney Spears’ iconic video for “Toxic” when the idea hit him.

“Britney was wearing her iconic flight outfit, and it made me laugh at the thought of her being an actual flight attendant,” he said.

Of course, people on social media found the whole thing absolutely HILARIOUS. false false false

While we low key now want to go on a flight with Southwest where Britney Spears is our flight attendant, we also totally want to be friends with Linnea, too!

Keep up the expert trolling Juan and Linnea.

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