This Britney Spears fan used emojis to troll the princess of pop

If you have the chance to see Britney Spears live, it’s an experience that you’ll want to relive forever. With social media, documenting any concert — Spears or otherwise — is easier than ever before. And thanks to the combined powers of Instagram and Instagram user, Filipino model Coleen Garcia, we now have the best Instagram story of a Britney Spears concert EVER.

Princess of Pop Spears has been on tour in Asia, and as it was Spears’ first time performing in the Phillippines (even though she has snuck away there plenty of times — if her “Piece of Me” lyrics are to be believed) on June 15th, Garcia was pretty stoked.

So Garcia celebrated this momentous occasion by creating an absurdly amazing Instagram story complete with a MASTERFUL use of emojis.

Seriously — if you love Britney Spears (as we all should), this is going to make your day.

Although Garcia’s story isn’t available anymore, since Instagram stories only last 24 hours, several great humans documented the glory that it was.

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Thanks to Garcia’s story, we not only feel like we were at the concert, but we’ve been spending our Friday giggling. As usual, we bow down to Spears for putting on what looks like a fantastic show — and we also bow down to Garcia for making it just as epic for the people who weren’t even in attendance.

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